Third Party Code of Conduct


Thryve Digital Health LLP (Thryve) is guided by its commitment to excellence in its business ethos and practices while operating within a developed framework of ethical and professional standards based on its core values. Thryve works under strict compliance with the laws and regulations of the land through sustained and inbuilt corporate governance coupled with sustainable development.

In line with the above ethos, Thryve expects Third Parties (hereinafter defined) it does business with to seek the same levels of ethical, fair and transparent conduct to guide their behaviour.

Code of Conduct: Thryve has prepared this Third-Party Code of Conduct (“Code of Conduct” or “Code”), based on its internal policies and applicable legislation with the purpose of sharing its conduct and establishing, in a clear and precise manner, the standards of behaviour that are expected from all Third Parties.

Thryve understands that its Third Parties should be treated with the same respect with which it expects to be treated. Thryve also understands that the Third Parties may have other principles and values that guide its activities, however this Code of Conduct is formulated with the belief that this will in no manner conflict with any Third Parties core principles and values, if any, already adopted by them.

By receiving this Code of Conduct, the Third Parties acknowledge and agree that they shall work towards conducting their activities in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this document therefore supporting Thryve’s commitment to act in an ethical, legal, fair and transparent manner and counts on the support and cooperation of each of its Third Parties.

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